Earthquake preparedness levels amongst youth and adults in Oakland, California

Daniela Arroyo-Ruiz, Micah Burris, Chasiti Crockett, Gabriel Dixon, Matthew Jones, Philmon Lei, Briana Phillips, Damaris Romero, Manaiya Scott, DeVondre Spears, Lindsay Tate, Joshua Whitlock, Jessica Diaz, and Regina Chagolla

The San Francisco Bay Area has not experienced a large earthquake since 1989. However research shows that the Hayward fault is overdue for a tremor, based on paleo-seismic research. To analyze the level of earthquake preparedness in the Oakland area (close to the Hayward fault), we surveyed over 150 people to assess their understanding of earthquakes. Our research evaluates whether increased earthquake knowledge impacts people�s preparedness and concern toward earthquake events. Data was collected using smart-phone technology and survey software in four sites across Oakland including; North Oakland, Downtown, East Oakland, and a summer school program in East Oakland, which has youth from throughout the city. Preliminary studies show that over 60% of interviewees have sufficient earthquake knowledge, but that over half of all interviewees are not prepared for a seismic event. Our study shows that in Oakland, California earthquake preparedness levels vary, which could mean we need to develop more ways to disseminate information on earthquake preparedness.

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