Investigating the Impact that Interstate 580 and 80 has on the Air Quality of the Crescent Park Housing Community

Gwendolyn Carter, Jasmine Johnson, Krystal Johnson, Shanell Oliver, Victor Troisi, Victoria Troisi, Darolyn Turner, Krystal White, Andrew Wang, LaKisha Garduno, Kevin Cuff

The objective of our research project was to determine the impact that Interstate 580 and 80 highways have on the air quality in and surrounding Crescent Park Housing Community. Crescent Park is a housing development in Richmond, California. It is situated between two major interstate highways (Figure 1). Due to its location, Crescent Park can be at risk for high exposure to air pollution. This exposure can lead to respiratory health problems among Crescent Park residents. We investigated the air quality in and surrounding Crescent Park by measuring concentrations of oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, and fine particulate matter. Our decision to monitor oxygen gas arose because of its essential function in respiration. Carbon dioxide gas is a naturally occurring gas, but elevated levels in the past century have been attributed to global warming, and like particulate matter it is a derivative of car emissions. This research is important because the hospitalization rate for asthma within Crescent Park�s zip code area is well above the average for both Contra Costa County and the state of California

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