Youth Publication in The Journal for High School Science

EBAYS participant Pearl Werbach continued her research into soil lead (Pb) concentrations in an independent project with support and guidance from Colleen Sutherland, EBAYS Public Education Specialist. Pearl’s investigation, “A study on the implications of redlining, greenspace density, housing age, and income on heavy metal soil contamination” has been published in Vol. 7, Issue 3, […]

Lead (Pb) Work in Flint, MI

As part of an ongoing partnership with Lodestar, LLC in Flint Michigan, teens are investigating heavy metals in soil. This is especially important after the water crisis that began in 2014. Wutae, a Flint EBAYS youth, created the TikTok below to spread the word about the large gaps in acceptable lead levels across different states. […]

United For Success Academy Town Hall

Research and Communication by United For Success Academy 6th graders and members of Frontline Catalysts Read about more about their findings and the youth’s success here: Fruitvale students tested their soil and found lead contamination. Now they’re campaigning to fix it (Oaklandside, 6/3/22)

High Lead (Pb) Levels in East Oakland, California Parks

An Indicator of Environmental Injustice in the San Francisco Bay Area Research by: Allison McCabe, Arjun Krishnan, Arnav Kushwah, Gunit Kaur, Julia Schweitzer, Laura Boifort, Raphael Barboza, Riya Puvvada, Sarah Park, and Yi Luo Accepted Abstract  Our team at the East Bay Academy for Young Scientists (EBAYS) investigated the current state of soil pollution in […]

Resuspension of Lead (Pb) in Oakland, CA Soils

Investigating a Possible Source of Urban Lead Contamination Research by: Melanie Dzib Cruz, Jameil Lewis, Jelani Lewis Accepted Abstract Prior research indicates that millions of tons of lead (Pb) formerly used in lead-based paints and leaded gasoline are still present in urbanized surface environments. Despite largely effective efforts to reduce lead sources, the presence of […]